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Fleet Optional Panels
CSL files to add to your CSL folder in Xpilot to view other company aircraft in proper livery while on Vatsim. The download link has many files to add. The CSL files are to be used with Bluebell CSL for Xplane.

NOTEM: The CSL works with X-pilot. You may install them in X-Squawkbox if you wish, but they may not work correctly.
Optional Panels by Wayne Gary
FSX FS9 VIP Textures for Vpilot and Squawkbox
VIP Textures of Pacific Airways livery to see other company aircraft in proper livery while on Vatsim using V-pilot or Squawkbox.
Xplane CSL files
 for X-Pilot
WLG Panels
VIP and CSL Textures for Squawkbox - Vpilot - Xpilot
VIP Textures - Textures only to put into your VIP Folder
VIP Folder - Entire VIP folder ( with PAY textures) for your SB or Vpilot
new_fleetpage006002.png fs9.png p3d.gif pasted1043.png vip3.png new_fleetpage006001.gif