About Us

Pacific Airways Was established in 1997. We are one of the oldest Virtual Airlines in the world. We operate primarily in the United States, with services to Europe and the Pacific Rim to include major Hubs in Seattle, WA(SEA), Miami, FL (MIA), Denver, CO (DEN), Chicago, IL (ORD), Los Angeles, CA (LAX), New York, NY (JFK, KEWR, KLGA), with the Pacific Europe Division, connecting with several locations in the European area.

Pacific offers pilots a “Freedom of Flight” that you will not find with most other VAs. After a minimal number of hours, pilots can work up to being able to fly any aircraft in your sim, anywhere in the world.

Pacific Airways headquarters is in Seattle, Washington, with offices at the Seattle/Tacoma International Airport.

Company Statistics


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registered pilots

Flight Statistics

24 Hours
Active Pilots 20
Hours 107h 59m
Flights 36
Miles 39,703 nm
Fuel Used 933,382 lb
Passengers 5,951
Cargo 624,467 lb
7 Days
Active Pilots 29
Hours 398h 47m
Flights 136
Miles 137,713 nm
Fuel Used 2,738,837 lb
Passengers 18,397
Cargo 2,711,575 lb
30 Days
Active Pilots 39
Hours 1,405h 7m
Flights 490
Miles 495,562 nm
Fuel Used 10,517,374 lb
Passengers 74,020
Cargo 11,103,050 lb
All Time
Active Pilots 56
Hours 6,043h 45m
Flights 2,136
Miles 2,095,580 nm
Fuel Used 45,786,713 lb
Passengers 307,064
Cargo 45,292,615 lb